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1) Commercial liability is an important segment for the insurance industry. The US is by far the largest market globally for liability premiums. The UK is the world’s second largest market for liability insurance. In continental Europe, the largest liability insurance markets are Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Japan and Australia are the largest markets in the Asia Pacific region. China is the ninth largest commercial liability market globally. (Reference is Wikipedia - Link)

2) Synonyms for liability: duty, subjection, compulsion, amenability, amenableness, arrearage, susceptibility, culpability, obligation, accountability, indebtedness, accountableness, debt, blame, owing, burden, onus.

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4) Books and articles about better liability insurance:

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"Insurance: from underwriting to derivatives : asset liability management in insurance companies"
 "The Law of Liability Insurance"
"Financial Peace Revisited"
"Liability insurance availability: hearings before the Subcommittee"
"Asset and Liability Management for Banks and Insurance Companies"
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"Directors' and Officers’ Liability Insurance"
"Directors & Officers (D & O) Liability"
"Medical liability : new ideas for making the system work better for patients"

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